Case studies

TV acquieres VectorBox

Spakenburg TV acquieres VectorBox

New tech challenges in Spakenburg TV The fight of the Dutch people to conquer land to the sea causes sometimes collateral damage. This is the case of Spakenburg, a tiny town 50 kilometres east of Amsterdam whose inhabitants used to

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Pakistan’s Express Media Group

Overview Pakistan’s Express Media Group has expanded its channel offering with the launch of e-entertainment, the country’s first HD channel, and Hero TV, a third channel featuring news and entertainment. Both channels are played out using the broadcaster’s Vector 3

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Mountain Top TV

Overview Mountain Top TV is a local and young TV from Kentucky. It is the logic result of many decades of radio experience and the thrill of a small, but professional team to offer their viewers reliable, truly local news, sports

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Tele Elda

Overview Tele Elda is a Spanish local TV that belongs to Cableworld group. It offers about 200 TV cable channels, fibre Internet, landline and mobile telephone and WiMAX Internet in many cities of Alicante’s province and Murcia. The main towns Cableworld covers with

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TV Gelderland

TV Gelderland is a regional broadcaster for the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. They offer daily News and background documentaries for the people in their region reaching 250.000 daily TV viewers and more than 6 million monthly visitors to their website.

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