Integration of Octopus with VBox News

Local content is what gives meaning to community television. News programs are a way to engage the audience and build habits in viewers, requiring great flexibility both because each television station has a specific workflow and because the station itself must respond to very different situations.

Facing these challenges in news production without professional tools wears down journalists, announcers, and ENGs. Current technology allows local television stations to have access to broadcast-grade products, used by national television stations, at affordable prices and in configurations adaptable to each circumstance.

Total integration

Vector3 and Octopus are fully integrated through the MOS protocol and have been working together in international markets for many years.

Now, thanks to NRDmultimedia, they can offer Spanish local television stations the full power, flexibility, and reliability at an affordable cost and adaptable to each need. With Octopus and VBox News, the entire process of news production is automated, enhancing the work of professionals and gaining in ergonomics and flexibility.


Flexibility and efficiency in editorial teams

Octopus allows for daily, weekly, or long-term planning of content capture to optimize the necessary resources (cameras, equipment, mobile units, etc.). The editorial team can decide on the topics to cover in the news for the same day or the following days with the desired level of formality, from loose notes with ideas to formal outlines.

News production is a team effort. All information is shared in the editorial department, and journalists or editors who edit the clips have access to all raw camera footage, metadata, texts, comments, archive videos, etc.

In the studio, VBox Newsdisplays the outline in real-time with the status of each clip. As the news program starts, the outline is updated in the editorial department as VBox News executes it. With VBox News and Octopus, local television has access to the same tools as a global television station but at a cost adapted to its size.


Integration of Octopus with VBox News

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