Panama SERTV acquires VBox News, the playout solution for news programs

playout para programas de noticias

Playout integration for news programs on SERTV

Panamanian news network SERTV (Sistema Estatal de Radio y Televisión) has acquired VBox News, Vector3’s playout solution for news programs, for its central studios as part of a complete renovation of its facilities, located in Altos de Curundú.

VBox News will be installed in three production controls corresponding to as many sets. Will work integrated withOctopus, the newsroom system used by the newsroom. The integration between Octopus and VBox News using the MOS protocol has a long history in numerous installations around the world and especially in Asia. This integration recently received new international recognition when Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Sri Lanka’s national television, was awarded the Asia Pacific Awards for an installation that also integrates VBox News and Octopus.

About SER TV Panamá

SERTV is a national network with a reach of 10% in prime time. The television station is SERTV, and the three radio stations are Nacional FM since 1969, Crisol FM since 2006 and Nacional AM, launched in 2009.

“We needed a system that was adaptable, customizable and affordable. An entire nation depends on us for information. As technology advances, we needed a system that would move with it, and we didn’t have it. Vector3 and Octopus not only gave us the best price, they gave us the best value and a lot of expansion options that save us in the long run,”

Antonio J. Pérez F., Head of the SERTV Engineering Department


Headquarters of the communication medium SERTV Panama


VBox News for news programs

VBox News is an adaptation of the channel-in-a-box concept to be used in news programs and situations that require great flexibility, dynamically combining videos, studio voice-overs and live connections. VBox News maintains the concept of a playlist (rundown) but allows the filmmaker complete creative freedom, being able to make changes on the fly or launch videos directly. The double counters (voiceover and clip end) allow you to maintain control and adjust the transition times according to the style or the time constraint that you have. Thanks to the various operating modes that it supports, you can manage the broadcast from its user interface or connect it to the mixer’s tally to control the launch of the clips from there.