New Vector Box continuity system for ETV Comunicació Grup

The Mass Media Communication company upgrades its VectorBox continuity system

The local television of Esplugues, ETV Comunicació Grup, implemented a new Vector Box continuity system in its production room to carry out the production of live content.

ETV Comunicació Grup’s new equipment consists of 3 different channels to cover 3 multiplexes. The importance of this project lies in the geographical area where they are located, located in the most populated areas of Catalonia (Barcelona, Garraf and Tarragona), where there is a higher consumption by users.

VectorBox Continuity System

VectorBox is a simultaneous ingest and playout software with graphics from a single interface with over 1000 systems installed worldwide. It is the quality standard for channels looking for a cost-effective playout solution. In addition to automating continuity playout, VectorBox allows you to generate live dynamic graphics.