Media-1 upgrade and enlarge his extensive fleet of VBox systems

VBox systems

Renewed trust with Vector3

Media-1, a prestigious playout facility located in downtown Moscow, has recently upgraded and enlarged his extensive fleet of VBox systems.

Media-1 is a premium customer of Vector 3 that has been using our systems for more than ten years. Their core business is to host third party channels giving a full service that includes production and live studio shows.

Media-1 is currently airing 10 independent playlists belonging to 3 TV channls to satellite, cable and terrestrial. Due to the relevance of the channels all of them have a 1+1 redundancy and two signals of each are produced. This minimizes to some frames the time off air in case of malfunction of the main signal. Vector 3 pioneered the automatic management of  redundancy Media-1 was one of the first customers to benefit from this technique.

Another feature of VectoBox that is intensively used by Media-1 is the graphic generation for channel branding. Some of the channels are music channels with its heavy need for titling  since each song needs two captions coming out from a template and a lot of metadata (the song, the singer, the album, etc).  There is real time insertion of tickers to enhance the image of the channel and/or to have a revenue. The metadata to feed all the graphics can come from the clip itself, from the playlist or from an external source and this flexibility makes easy to build workflows. Also, the video effects (e.g. squeeze back) helps to give Media-1 customers the look that there producers intend. For the live shows, Media-1 has the VBox News software that provides a simple and powerful way to launch video following the rundown and encompassed with the path of the speakers.

The upgrading of the system has been carried out by Artos, our System Integrator for the Russian Federation and Central Asia republics with whom we have been working for more than 20 years. The rapidly evolving technological environment in which we are, makes even more valuable the renewed trust on our products of Media-1 and the longstanding partnership with Artos.