Vector3 – NRDmultimedia exhibits at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona

Integrated Systems Europe

Vector3 – NRDmultimedia will attend as an exhibitor at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) – Barcelona at the Fira de Barcelona on June 1 and 2, 2021.

It is the first year that the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) international fair debuts in Barcelona with a regional event that offers high-level content and the opportunity to discover the latest solutions from leading national and international providers. In this edition, ACCIÓ, the business competitiveness agency of the Generalitat de Catalunya, selected the main companies and technologies in the Catalan region, including NRDmultimedia, to exhibit their solutions in the pavilion of the sponsored Catalan Innovation Zone by ACCIÓ-Catalonia Trade & Investment.

NRDmultimedia is the audiovisual company of the ADTEL Group dedicated to the engineering and integration of audiovisual and multimedia solutions and the distribution of professional equipment for companies, the media and public administrations. At the NRDmultimedia stand we will be able to see first-hand its most outstanding solutions of this 2021:

  • Playout and ingest solutions from Vector 3, NRDmultimedia’s line of business for television and media. Vector3’s main solutions are known worldwide: VectorBox, the first channel-in-a-box that allows broadcasting with the same quality offered by large national televisions, and DRILLARIUM, a continuity system that allows a single operator manage dozens of channels, some of which are spread over several continents, supervised by a single Control Center.
  • The intelligent audiovisual solution from iOn Technology. This solution has acquired a very important weight within public administrations in recent years. iOn allows city councils the possibility to record, carry out and broadcast live plenary sessions 100% automatically thanks to its intelligent technology, integrating the well-known Audio Video Minutes and the digital signature with full legal validity. At the same time, it also generates and broadcasts audiovisual content automatically at corpor