Simultaneous UHD HDR and SDR broadcast with Vector 3 continuity system

UHD Simulcast Workflow with Vector 3

Vector 3 in the first simultaneous UHD HDR and SDR broadcast via satellite, DTT and internet in Spain.

UHD SPAIN is a Spanish non-profit association that, under its motto “Promoting the television of the future together”, has carried out UHD simulcast workflow, HDR and SDR broadcasts via satellite, terrestrial and over the Internet via streaming in Spain. This collaboration bet of more than 30 partners began last January 2021. Today, this first simultaneous broadcast represents the success of the UHD SPAIN initiative to consolidate new broadcasting technologies in high-quality formats, such as UHD (Ultra High Definition).

NRDmultimedia has participated in this grand opening by providing the Vector 3 television continuity system in the broadcast workflow.

UHD Simulcast Workflow

  1. The broadcasts start with the Vector3 – NRDmultimedia continuity system and SAPEC coding systems from the MEDIAPRO studios in Barcelona.
  2. OVERON receives UHD HDR and SDR signals and distributes them to different media.
  3. HISPASAT is in charge of the satellite broadcast.
  4. CELLNEX, AXIÓN, and TELECOM CLM distribute the signal via DTT through more than 45 Spanish broadcasting centers.
  5. The official website of UHD SPAIN carries out the Internet broadcast, for which ATEME encodes the content and DOLBY has contributed its experience and infrastructure to launch the streaming service for this first demonstration.
  6. Users must tune in to the corresponding channel from their home television in order to receive these UHD channels.