Broadcast production with In/Out of Vector 3 at the Aicox event

Vector 3 participated in the event “ON PREM and CLOUD Production”

The Aicox offices in Madrid have hosted an event in which broadcast and content production professionals in Spain have been able to discover keys to end-to-end broadcast production and M&E hand in hand with Vector3 together with Editshare and Woody Technologies.

Presentation of the In/Out intake solution, by Pere Armengol

Pere Armengol, director of business development at Vector 3 (a company belonging to NRD Multimedia specializing in automation, playout and live studio), took advantage of his intervention to present a fully integrated solution with the Editshare FLOW system, although it can work independently: In/Out. Through a demo, Armengol has transferred the advantages of this multichannel ingest and playback system, capable of capturing and reproducing NDI, SDI or streaming linear streams for all kinds of productions.



In/Out, multichannel and multipurpose ingest

In/Out is a “multi-format” solution, which has among its main advantages its operational flexibility and its ability to adapt to different challenges. Licenseable according to needs, the system is capable of ingesting HD content in different repositories, including FLOW in a native and transparent way. Other advantages of this solution, which were revealed throughout the intervention, are its codec-agnostic approach; the ability to make a local copy of the recording to secure content in the event of a network outage; easy selection of inputs and outputs; compatibility with different streaming modes such as RTMP, UDP or SRT, or the ability to choose the time code based on the file itself or local time.


In/Out, the multi-channel and multi-purpose ingest solution