4K links over the Internet

Barcelona, Spain – Sometimes it is difficult to see a big change even if when is in front of us. There is a particular aspect of video industry on the edge of a leap forward that will make the lives of TV stations much easier: the contribution of video links over the internet. As microwave links were substituted by satellites decades ago, or dedicated fibre more recently, the internet connections “through the wild” promise to fully disrupt the way live events venues connect with the main station and how contribution signals are sent to CDNs for distribution to the global audience. 

In this regard Vector 3 has successfully concluded a series of tests aimed at proving the feasibility of transporting 4K signals over the open Internet. These tests have been carried out for some weeks connecting the corporate site of the company with a number of CDNs and TV facilities. The 4K streams coded with H264 and H265 (HEVC) at 25 Mb have been sent using SRT protocol as the transport layer. Tests have been carefully monitored to check the integrity of the signal and full reception of all the packets.

After these exhaustive real conditions test, the feature is now offered in all 4K Vector3 products such as VServer and VectorBox.