Playout for News & Live Programming

Powerful and intuitive user interface

VBOX PCR is a powerful playout solution for the production of news and live programs. Its unique flexibility allows you to cover the whole spectrum of operations, from the routine issuing of a bulletin to high pressure live situations. It can operate in three different modes:

Each output channel has dual countdowns (video tails and clip). All lines can support prompters, estimated duration by text or clip, trim individual journalist assigned sub-lines, list for labelling, and more. The news may have complex, multi-line structures (intro–clip, clip–comment–intro, intro–clip–clip, etc.), and you can save information rundowns of each type or work however you like. The labelling (automatic or manual) is stored as metadata so that the same story can appear on many different news programs with different graphics.

Its functional and user-friendly interface continuously displays different countdowns which are configurable (per channel, with estimated difference, difference desired, etc.) to allow decisions to be made on the fly.
VBox PCR controls a video server with two channels that are connected to two inputs on the production switcher harnessing VBox PCR’s full power. It can work alone or be integrated with market-leading newsroom systems.