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Vector 3 offers special turnkey packages for broadcasters. Contact Vector 3 or your System Integrator for more details.


Vector 3 and Starfish

Starfish Technologies are experts in advertising insertion and regional TV systems and are now leading the IP revolution with their exclusive TS Splicer that offers GOP boundary or frame accurate transport stream splicing -with minimal propagation delay- of encoded streams over IP infrastructure. TS Splicer supports multiple channels running on a single chassis of generic IT hardware and is the very first of what will become routine, that is to splice transport streams without decoding. This flagship product it is now integrated with Vector3 playout technology, taking advantage of the powerful Multichannel automation and management solutions deployed around the globe. Starfish also offer a range of transport stream processing products including switching, SCTE signal decoding, programmable delays and audio track manipulation that are also integrated with Vector3 technology.


Vector 3 and Metus 

Metus is one of the leading companies in the MAM market very well known for their world class products. Metus products are fully integrated with VectorBox. Integration is achieved by both sides sharing automatically all the metadata associated with the clips and the playlists. Since the products of the two companies are based on XML the integration does not have any convoluted ad-hoc work arounds and operates smoothly from the free flow of information between the two applications. This integration is available natively and so the customer and the SI can have full confidence in the interoperability of the two systems.


Vector 3 and MediaGeniX

MediaGeniX develops and implements WHATS'On, the integrated software suite that manages cross-media scheduling and content lifecycle processes for linear and on-demand services. Public and commercial broadcasters as well as telcos and platform operators use WHATS’On to create and maintain their programme planning in compliance with strategic, budgetary, regulatory and operational requirements. This enables them to streamline workflows and optimise the use of infrastructure and content rights. Established in 1992, MediaGeniX now serves customers all over the world. High level integrations between MediageniX and Vector3 include the multi-regional deployment across all 8 regions of TV2 Denmark.


Vector 3 and Octopus

A leading Newsroom Computer System, Octopus seamlessly integrates with Vector 3 playout solutions to provide a tapeless news workflow. Octopus7 provides the tools for journalists in TV newsrooms to fulfil all aspects of the news delivery workflow, from browsing and searching source material, to writing scripts and preparing rundowns, for all types and scales of operation from 24/7 news networks to channels with just a few bulletins per day. High levels of information exchange enables highly sophisticated and agile newscasting from this long standing and close integration.


Vector 3 and BTS

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is a leading supplier of traffic solutions to the broadcasting industry. With clients throughout the world covering six continents and including many major broadcasters they can provide a complete system from long term planning and advertising sales through to integration with transmission playout systems. As a high-level integration, customers can enjoy the full range of functionality from both systems through seamless bi-directional communication.


Vector 3 and XenData

With installations in over 50 countries XenData is a leading provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry. XenData’s solutions range from cost-effective workstation archives to multiple Petabyte server systems. They are built on industry standards and provide the high-performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video applications. TV stations, global broadcasters, media service providers, video production companies and post-production organizations using XenData’s standards-based approach are able to benefit from significant cost-savings with the ease of integration with Vector3 solutions.


Vector 3 and TVR Manager

TVR Manager offers scheduling and traffic solutions integrated with Vector 3 solutions. To get more details on the robust workflow and TVRManager capabilities, please visit


Vector 3 and DoCaption/LRSystems

Leading experts from the television broadcasting, embedded hardware and software integration and engineering established DoCaption in 2009, with the objective of developing ruggedized hardware solutions for the television industry. They are experts in the following fields: Software and hardware development for TV broadcast applications; FPGA RTL and embedded software development; thorough broadcast ancillary data expertise; encoding, insertion, extraction, decoding; In-depth expertise in multi-standard closed captioning/subtitling, from deep technical to workflow levels; Intellectual Property development and consolidation, as well as business development consultancy services.


Vector 3 and General Dynamics Mediaware

General Dynamics Mediaware are recognised MPEG and H.264/AVC software technology experts. They have a proven track record of creating solutions for compressed digital content, which have been used in a range of industries including defence and broadcast. Their clients include television broadcasters, video content redistributors, system integrators and defence forces throughout the world.

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