Vector MultiPlay

Vector MultiPlay VServer

  • Extensive support for all codecs and compressions
  • Full LAN connectivity
  • Built-in graphics and effects
  • Guaranteed support for future technologies and formats

Vector 3 was the first company to move away from proprietary file formats; the first to adopt Ethernet connections, the first to master transitions and graphics and the first video server to offer multi-format and multi-wrapper system. Today, nearly all video servers have these features, but the forward thinking Vector MultiPlay VServer development and exclusive software decoding system guarantees support for future technologies; supporting every new format and codec that is introduced into the market.

Supported compression formats include Mpeg2 IBP and I-Frame, DVCAM, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, MJPEG and IMX30/40/50. Supported file formats include QuickTime (Apple Final Cut Pro), MXF, raw DV and AVI. Media can be mixed and played on the same server. So simple to administer yet powerful mastery of media playout, the studio operator does not even need to know which format is being used.

With Vector MultiPlay VServer, operators can easily apply transitions between clips, such as fades, wipes, and fade-to-black, all with corresponding audio. The extensive range of integrated, realtime effects takes Vector MultiPlay VServer to a whole new dimension of playout.

Vector MultiPlay VServer also provides an IPTV output for broadcast over IP, as well as satellite and cable, or for monitoring channel output. Output can be in the form of a compressed Windows Media 9 or QuickTime file stream ready for broadcast or a file series for broadcast from an external ISP.

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