Vector MultiPlay

The building blocks of playout

Developed for IT-based hardware, MultiPlay is Vector 3’s next-generation software-based multi-channel playout solution. MultiPlay offers a radical new approach that renders the traditional master control room obsolete by minimizing the need for video equipment. Along with its outstanding performance and classic features of playout, Vector MultiPlay includes a revolutionary redundancy management workflow that allows users to allocate backup resources on a channel by channel basis. It uses an integral range of standard technologies ensuring compatibility and easy maintenance (XML, TCP/IP, MXF, Flash, etc...)

  • MCR: Multichannel playout automation software (legacy& 3rd party equipment allowed supported)
  • VServer: Multiformat, wrapper-agnostic server with incorporated graphics and DVE (supports VDCP).
  • MediaManager: Workflow engine that performs file transfers throughout the facility while ensuring their integrity. It has four components: FileIngestor, FileChecker, MediaCacher and MediaLibrary. (integrates with 3rd party scheduling & archives)
  • Imagena: Third generation channel branding with real time RSS&XML updating of tickers, scrolls, "next program", clocks, etc. integrated with effects (cropping, shrinking squeezes, etc.)
  • Autovia: Dynamic and adaptive redundancy management.
  • Channel Monitor: Multichannel monitoring and operation

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