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Vector 3 has enabled the playout update of a local TV news channel in Kentucky and the launchment of a fashion multimedia plaform in Chicago.
Scene Network & EKB-TV
EKB-TV and Scene Network are the television channels that chose Vector 3 to broadcast in the best standards of quality. Whereas EKB-TV was an experienced growing company, Scene Network needed help in their playout automation foundation. So, even though they are very different television channels, Vector 3 adapted very similar solutions for these two single cable channels in America.
EKB-TV was looking for a solution that allows them to expand their structure according to new times and their audience's expectations. Vector 3's team installed VectorBox 8000HD and on 29th June 2016 they started to broadcast with Vector 3's playout automation systems. Scene Network was ready a bit earlier in 2016, but as a young fashion cable TV channel, they had other challenges to attend such as the mobile App and social media platforms that has been growing up all along with the television.

VectorBox 8000HD was the solution that both televisions chose for their playouts because they were looking for an HD broadcasting system that eases the transition from SD to HD. Also, another reason both communications companies agreed on choosing Vector 3's was that VectorBox allows operators to control the whole process in a very intuitive way.
Scene Network team
For deeper technical features of both cases, please visit EKB-TV and Scene Network case studies pages.
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