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John Logie Baird 90yearsOfTVGoogle
Yesterday Google commemorated the 90th anniversary of the first television demonstration in London by changing its Doodle. In Vector 3 we didn't meet the Scots-born inventor, John Logie Baird, but the grandfather of Vector 3's founding members built a mechanical television, probably foreseeing what Logie Baird's new invention would cause a huge impact to humanity.
John Logie Baird ScienceMuseum1926
John Logie Baird with an early version of its invention at the Science Museum of London in 1926. Source: Getty images
V3 mechanical TV
The figure above represents the production of a synchronizer by a local oscillator. There we can see a 7,000
spiral coil and a condenser that regulates the frequency.
It's not been even a century from these images and one could thought that they look older than they are. An explanation to that could be that a lot has changed in television's industry since John Logie Baird showed us the first TV images in a 3.5 by 2.5 inches device in 1926. He presumedly made the precursor to the boob tube TV out of an old hatbox, a tea chest, some bicycle light lenses, a pair os scissors, niddles, sealing wax and glue. Quite impressive, right? Maybe if he had not invented it, someone else would have, but take a few minutes of your life to imagine how different could be our lifes in a world without television. I'm overwhelmed by just thinking about it...
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