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Holi Vector3-1200
Vector3 wishes everybody a Happy Holi !!  



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Vector3-IBC 900x674
This month marks the thirty-fourth anniversary of Vector3. Since 1984 the we have been dedicated in supporting the broadcast industry through the many changes and revolutions in moving to open technology platforms and away from proprietary hardware.

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 SRT 745x460
Vector 3, the company that has pioneered so many breakthroughs in playout automation, has announced today support for SRT protocol in all its range of products for the 4Q 2018. SRT is an open source video transport protocol designed to establish broadcast quality video connections over any network, including cost-effective public Internet..


Roman Ceano, Vector 3 General Manager published recently an article in Broadcast, Film&Television magazine about DRILLARIUM.
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Building on our previous innovations in Multi-Channel Environments and UHD playout (Launched in 2015) we would like to share with you our fully integrated 3D Graphics and IP (H.264/SCTE 2110 and SCTE 2022-6) playout solutions. 

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Technical achievements at the high end of the playout market are as remarkable as in the 10 Kb range. If nowadays technology permits you can watch TV on your cell phone while trekking in a remote forest, it can also bring to your living room the most marvellous visual experiences. Vector 3 and Ventuz have joined forces to offer broadcasters a videoserver able to provide superb images that audiences are demanding on their new generation UHD TVs. This new videoserver combines the Vector 3 VServer with the Ventuz solutions for on-air graphics and high-level channel branding.

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International Women's Day.


banner womens day UNESCO

Source: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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Large Scale Playout

Roman Ceano, Vector 3 General Manager published recently an article in Broadcast, Film&Television magazine about playing out large number of channels from a single facility. Click on the following link:
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May the light fill all the corners of your life.



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For 22nd year in a row Vector 3 is attending IBC in Amsterdam and 2 new products will be unveiled: VectorBox 264 and VectorBox IP.



Vector 3, the manufacturer that launched the channel in box into the broadcast market back in the 90s, will attend IBC 2017 in its usual location in Hall 7 stand 7.C01.The IBC Exhibition that takes places yearly in RAI Amsterdam is an unmissable appointment for all bradcasting and playout industry. The most important exhibition in Europe starts 15th to 19th September 2017 and Vector 3 will be there to show all its playout automation solutions.

VectorBox 264 and VectorBox IP are the new models Vector 3 has ready for the upcoming IBC 2017.



Vector 3, the original manufacturer of VectorBox -the first playout automation and video server based on COTS technology, will unveil two new models at the upcoming IBC 2017. With this new products launching, Vector 3 is moving forward providing options for the compressed and uncompressed environments and offering our customers the flexibility of choosing their best fitting option for their operational needs.

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Barcelona, Spain – 2017, March 2nd – If you're a regular visitor to CABSAT you'll know it's the leading event in the Middle East Africa and South Asia region. This 2017 Vector 3 is attending it as a visitor and we'll love to meet with you there to do some networking. To attend CABSAT you'll only need to register using this link and you may also want to use a new way of registration using your social networks. When registering via your social media accounts you'll be able to know which of your connections are also attending CABSAT.

Happy Valentine's Day


February 14 can be a worrying day for single people. However in Vector 3 we want to wish you all a nice day for the most romantic day of the year. As movies are a good entertainment for everyone, we thought in offering you a compilation of romantic movies you may enjoy on this day. Do you want to share with us which is your favorite movie for Valentine's day?

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Next week so many people around the world will celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. While the Spring festival public holiday this 2017 is from January 27 to February 2, the Chinese New Year is on January 28. Vector 3 wants to wish you a happy year to everyone, specially to those who are born in the Rooster's years because they are believed to be the most unlucky for people born in a year of the Rooster.

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NAB Show NY 2016
A year ago the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) decided to rebrand CCW Expo event and called it the NAB Show New York. Next November 9 and 10 the Javits Convention Center will attend more than 7,000 interested professionals in next-generation technology for media and entertainment. Even though this year Vector 3 is not attending it, we are sure that all coast-east americans will not miss the opportunity to meet with the latest technology innovations.
According to CEO and President of NAB 'the goal for the new brand is to enhance the experience for all atteendees while making the event unique to New York - a mecca for the media and entertainment community'. 

We've got all the facts you want to know about the annual festival celebrated by millions of people around the globe.

Diwali 2016

Following we're going to expose all the facts you should know if you're not familiar with the annual festivity.

Why is it called Diwali?
Diwali is one of the most important festivals for Hindus. It means row of lights and signifies the triumph of good over evil according to the legend of Lord Rama and his wife Sita. It's said that after serving 14 years in exile, Rama returned to the city of Ayodhya and vanquished the 10-headed demon king Ravana, who had kidnapped his wife. As a result, residents of the city lit rows of clay lamps to celebrate Lord Rama's triumph. Nowadays, Diwali also represents the Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains New Year and lasts 5 days. 
When do we celebrate it in 2016? 
Diwali's festival is on different dates every year because it's calculated by the position of the moon and the Hindu lunar calendar. This year, Diwali falls on Sunday 30th October and ends at 3rd November. 
What should you do to celebrate Diwali? 
People decorate their homes and workplaces with diyas or lighting oil lamps and candles. Large fireworks are displayed to mark the return of Rama. However, each Diwali's day has its own rituals. For instance, on the first day, observers clean their homes; on the secvond day, they decorate their homes with colourful floor patterns; on the third day, lamps are lit in the streets and prayers are offered to Lakshmi before the evening feasts; on the 4th day husbands and wifes celebrate their union and on the final day it's the brother and sister relationship what's celebrated.

And you? How will you celebrate Diwali?
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Broadcast India 2016
The most important showcase technology for TV in India is around the corner. Next 20 to 22nd October Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai will open its doors to all interested people of our industry. Even though this year Vector 3 cannot attend Broadcast India Show, we will be following closely the exhibition through social media networks in order not to miss a single thing.
Media and entertainment sector in India is ready for living exciting times next week. A significant growth in digital media consumption is offering a challenging digital ecosystem and Vector 3 will be ready to offer top playout solutions for the new TV platforms to come.

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While 4K Ultra HD televisions are right here, content is still not there.
4K Ultra HD
4K, also known as Ultra HD (UHD), just like its former brother HD was a few years ago, has become all anyone in the television business is talking about. 4K Ultra HD offers four times the resolution of traditional HD displays. The answer to this improvement has something to do with the amount of pixels a 4K TV contains. While traditional HD has 1920 columns and 1080 rows of pixels, Ultra HD has a total resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160. However, when you try to buy a new television and you are offered to a 4K TV you realize that there's a lack of 4K content out there.
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Vector 3 has enabled the playout update of a local TV news channel in Kentucky and the launchment of a fashion multimedia plaform in Chicago.
Scene Network & EKB-TV
EKB-TV and Scene Network are the television channels that chose Vector 3 to broadcast in the best standards of quality. Whereas EKB-TV was an experienced growing company, Scene Network needed help in their playout automation foundation. So, even though they are very different television channels, Vector 3 adapted very similar solutions for these two single cable channels in America.
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