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RK Media Group owns the widely popular Los Angeles-based Radio Korea broadcaster. Considered by many the representative for the Korean community, Radio Korea provides listeners with accurate, up-to-date news as well as useful business and living information for Korean business owners and consumers. The media group also offers a radio and news via their site, The first US-based ethnic broadcaster to provide live streaming via the Internet, has a staggering 5 million visitors daily.


With the Korean population growing in size and spending dollars, RK Media Group needed to expand their programming offering to include TV. Leveraging the success of the Radio Korea radio station and portal brands, RK Media Group established TV Korea. Their goal was to establish a fully functioning broadcast facility in Los Angeles within 45 days. The facility would need to be able to receive transmissions from Korea, as well as produce content in house, broadcasting both commercials and popular programs on multiple channels (Los Angeles and New York) over DTV.

Popular Korean-created programs would be transmitted from RK Media-based Seoul Korea to the Los Angeles facility. Content would then need to be edited by the in-house postproduction team for distribution over 2 separate DTV channels. The group would also be responsible for creating local programming to cover cultural and news events.

Ultimately, the new facility would need to broadcast Korean programming as well as create local, thematic and live programming. Faced with a tight turn around, RK Media looked for technology that would enable them to be up and running quickly without sacrificing the opportunity to scale the operation in the near future. RK Media turned to Seung Jun Lee of IISN Systems CO, Ltd., a premier systems integrator specializing in Korean broadcasting.


The VectorBox was selected to bookend the workflow by managing TV Korea’s ingest and broadcast automoation technology. VectorBox consolidates each aspect of the broadcast workflow for TV Korea, including: multi-channel ingest, playlist creation, CGs, device control and on air playout into one simple to use solution. While VectorBox provides complete control over each aspect of ingest, playlist creation, and on air broadcast; the technology is fully integrated with the TV Korea standard IT production storage, Harris routers and Apple Final Cut Pro systems; forming a cohesive, fluid flow of media and metadata.

“The Korean-American community relies heavily on our abilities to deliver relevant and timely news as well as entertainment. It was important that we built a studio with flexible technology that enabled us to deliver on both,” comments SangDae Kim, Director of TV Programming & Production, TV Korea. “Vector has a phenomenal reputation for their world-class technology. The price-performance value proposition far exceeded their peers and the customer satisfaction with existing broadcasters made the decision to go with Vector easy.”

The VectorBox ingest expertly controls media recording from video servers, VTRs, satellite feeds and any other type of routing systems found in the broadcast operation. The comprehensive feature set ensures broadcasters can manually initiate spur-of-the-moment recording as well as automatically schedule daily jobs.

The built-in VectorBox master control room component offers state-of-the-art automation with extensive capabilities controlling playout, including: early checking of events with configurable horizons, time-stamped "takes", offsets to compensate for any kind of latencies and communication delays, live & time delay events, automatic filling with emergency material, clips categorization, interactive real-time cataloguing, and more. The flexible playlist's user interface not only allows the user to configure columns width and order, but adds the metadata of the clips as new columns.

The VectorBox video server also allows operators to add - on the fly - a wide range of transitions between clips, such as fades, wipes, and fade-to-black, all with corresponding audio control. Deeper feature capabilities include the ability to crop, rotate, adjust color and more. The integrated channel branding feature set makes it easy to create dynamic CG templates for news tickers, titling, clocks, quizzes, "What's up next," and weather graphics using any graphic file format and alphabet. These can be used in combination with effects such as shading, transparencies, and video effects such as zooms and squeeze backs to brilliantly present a creative idea, provide for audience interaction and increase profits through SMS chat or advertising and sponsorships.



Daily transmissions of popular Korean programs from RK Media in Korea are recorded into the TV Korea Los Angeles facility. The transmission is ingested by VectorBox and content is automatically converted into DV25 and stored on standard IT networked storage with all metadata intact. The postproduction group uses Apple Final Cut Pro editing workstations to access and repackage programs; creating highlights and localizing information. TV Korea also produces a number of shows locally. Shot in DV25, the material is recorded onto the production storage via VectorBox Ingest and edited by Final Cut Pro editors. Final packages are stored in the standard IT production storage.

Staff turns to the VectorBox to organize the playlist for two DTV channels: 44.5 Los Angeles and 26.2 New York. The playlists are created manually with blocks for local commercial insertion. The playlist data is automatically fed to the VectorBox playout server to automate playout of programs and commercials as well as control broadcast equipment in the studio. No operator intervention is needed unless there is a last minute change where VectorBox provides capabilities for staff to update the playlist on the fly.

TV Korea’s live playout is fed through the VectorBox server for broadcast; controlling timing of commercials and program highlights. Operators can create and add overlay graphics and tickers using the VectorBox graphics and channel branding capabilities.

For TV Korea, VectorBox manages playout of Los Angeles and New York channels simultaneously from the same server. The workflow keeps metadata fully-intact and content centralized.


The tapeless workflow at TV Korea enables the team to quickly localize Korean programming content. The VectorBox solutions index and automatically redirect content to the appropriate solutions whether it be logging and storing transmissions from Korea on the standard IT network storage, editing new packages on Final Cut Pro or queuing up programs and commercials to be broadcasted on multiple channels.

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