Vector3's 4K playout solutions warmly welcomed at NAB 2015

Barcelona, Spain – April 17th, 2015 – Every year NAB does a record of attendance and this 2015 seems it is going to exceed expectations, since there was 103,042 registered attendees and the final attendance last year was 97,915. Also for Vector 3 NAB 2015 has been a sublime edition regarding number of people visiting our booth N3624 and enjoying the crown jewel of Vector 3's playout solutions: 4K playout automation products.

The newest Vector 3's channel-in-a-box models were exclusively on display during the 4 days of NAB Show 2015. VectorBox XL and VectorBox LT are the new offsprings of the long VectorBox saga that all visitors could see on display. These two models boast respectively XMIO 3 and LE4, the most recent additions to the Matrox portfolio that represent the optimal combination of performance and flexibility.

MultiChannel Monitor, MCR Client and Media Manager Suite, among other new solutions were the main products shown at the show. Glyn Bartlett, Head of Sales of Vector 3, points out that Vector 3's MultiPlay modules can be combined to build customised multi-channel master control rooms for any number of channels. Thanks to the new 4K video playout broadcasters can do disconnections, control the master control rooms from any location in the world, easily add logos and tickers or supervise the whole playout facility with a single interface, notes Glyn Bartlett.

As a leading company of playout solutions for broadcast with more than 30 years of experience, Vector 3 has showed the latest solutions at the NAB 2015. Vector 3 satifies its customers wishes of having their most suitable solution for the playout, always taking into consideration the best price performance, the best quality image and on-air safety.

We look forward to see you next year at Vector 3's booth to discover our future solutions for playout automation.


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Vector 3 develops high performance IT-based broadcast systems. Delivering playout automation, multiformat videoservers with built-in effects and graphics, and all the tools for managing a file-based workflow, Vector 3 systems match and surpass the most demanding requirements for multichannel playout, channel branding, commercial disconnection, and disaster recovery.

Over the last thirty 30 years, Vector 3 has pioneered the introduction of IT into broadcasting master control, automation and playout, achieving many industry firsts including the first frame accurate PC-based automation system, the first PC-based video server, the first format-agnostic video server, and the first distributed multichannel IT-only playout system.

Supported by a global network of system integrators and engineers, Vector 3’s solutions are used around the world by more than a thousand broadcasters, for multi-site multichannel broadcasting, single-channel operation, and business continuity. For more information on Vector 3 and its products, visit

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